Let us bring together armenian students in belgium

Founded: 21 September 2011

At one moment we realized that Armenian community of Belgium is lacking student organization. Although many students are involved in many different universities and study areas, but they are not aware of each other and do not have any place to meet each other. We thougth that Armenian students and youth would like to have an organization, which would serve to their interests.

So Hayasa was created and challenged to unite Armenian students. We aimed to create a unique board, where every member can feel like in Armenia. We do our best to include in our activities knowledge, culture and humanistic values.


Goals and objectives

Hayasa constitution

According to our constitution Hayasa has five main goals and objectives:

1. Unite and give support to Armenian students and youth in Belgium
2. Preserve and spread Armenian historical and cultural values
3. Encourage Armenians to learn Armenian language and history
4. Strengthen the ties with our motherland
5. Cooperate with similar bodies in Armenia and Diaspora



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