HOW can i join Hayasa?

Join anytime • responsible for the communication with the members: Tatevik Galstyan

If you are a student in Belgium or just an alumnus, you just need to read and agree on our constitution and fill in online form. Afterwards you will be a full member of Hayasa.

Join Hayasa and contribute to our development. Being a member Hayasa you not only participate in our various events, but also can propose, initiate and organize them while having full support from the entire Hayasa family. We are also organizing special entertaining and team-building events, where only Hayasa members are invited!

The more we are, the stronger we are!

membership types

Red • Blue • Orange

Being an active member of Hayasa means that you are not only willing to be a part of Hayasa, but also ready to actively involve in our day to day work. Active members can also propose and take a lead of their own projects by getting full support from Hayasa team.


If you like the idea and philosophy of Hayasa, if you are willing to be a part of it, but do not have enough time to contribute to our activity; then regular membership is for you. You will be regularly informed about our events and activities.
We are also organizing special events for Hayasa members only.


Being a member of student council means you are taking full responsibility for Hayasa future. If you were active during a year, Hayasa student council members will ask you do join them to bring a new spirit to the union.

membership Card

Every member of Hayasa receives student card valid for a year

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