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Street workout

outdoor sport - attractive and completely free

Street workout is a sport people do mostly in outdoor parks or public facilities, such as equipment in schoolyards. It is a combination of athletics, calisthenics, and sports. Street Workout is modern name for bodyweight workout in outdoor parks.
It is very attractive and completely free. Part of its popularity comes from ability to build a great physique and the other part is that it promotes healthy and sociable lifestyle." [wikipedia]

Street workout Armenia

emerging sport movement

Newly emerging sport movement in Armenia and Artsakh already has hundreds of followers. Street Workout is attractive for young people, as it is healthy, competitive and completely free. Instead of staying in front of their computers or smoking in front of their house entrance, many of them have chosen training and strength. The only thing needed for that are park facilities and here is where we can be helpful.


Street workout Berdzor

emerging sport movement

The program Street Workout Artsakh aims first building park facilities in marz centers first. Thanks to the local coach and head of the movement Tigran Baghadasaryan and fund raising by Bnatachar organization (Apres Zohrabyan), there are already parks in Shushi and Askeran.

Hayasa Armenian Student Association of Belgium during its event “We and our Artsakh” proposed to support Artsakh Street Workout movement and build Street Workout park in Berdzor city. The idea came up after a discussion with political and civil activist from Artsakh Hayk Khanumyan, who we met in Brussels in May, 2013.


Fund rising sheme

Contribution, Construction and Monitoring Procedures

1. Give a promise to donate, but keep the amount yet.

2. As soon as needed amount is promised, we will start money collection process.

3. The names of donors will be published in facebook event page and on special web page. It will help making the process more transparent
In case of giving the promised amount on hand, you will sign special form. We will ask to keep it as a proof, until the construction process of the park is not finished. Hayasa will be responsible for money collection.

4. After collecting the required amount, we will contact Apres Zohrabyan from “Bnatatchar” and Tigran Baghdasaryan and ask them to start the construction process in Berdzor. Meanwhile the collected money will be transferred to them. You will receive an invitation to participate in the opening ceremony. The photos and videos of the construction process and opening ceremony will be sent to you as a proof.

Berdzor park construction will cost approximately 850 000 dram or 1 550 Euro.

Money promise

Please fill the form

Money promised at the moment - 375 Euro

Amount needed 1 550 Euro

Videos - parks in shushi and askeran

Success stories

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